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Complete Working Drawings for Commercial and Industrial Buildings

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Design, Engineering & Detailing...

For Small Scale Industrial & Commercial Structures

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Intelligent Input


Coordinated Output

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Complete Construction Documentation for...

Projects up to 2,000m2

Steel and Concrete Tilt-Panel Structures

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All Disciplines Compiled Into a Single Model...

Architectural Models

Structural Engineering

Tilt Panel Detailing

Steel Detailing

Full-service structural firm delivering Building Information Modelling, Structural Engineering Design and Detailing Services for Small-Industrial Projects.

Building Information Model (BIM)

integrating design, engineering and detailing into a single model linked to a database of project information facilitates greater efficiencies through reduction in errors, costs and lead times between disciplines.

Structural + Civil Engineering

Versed in all types of structural design materials including but not limited to designs in steel, concrete and timber. Specialising in manufacturing and industrial buildings to current engineering standards.

Tilt Panel + Steel Detailing

Providing Concrete Precast Panel Detailing, structural steel detailing and fabrication workshop drawings. We can also offer structural engineering calculations for all types of connections.

Need to simplify your Industrial Pre-Construction Process?

Talk to our friendly team about your project specifics or to explore the benefits of using an integrated contractor for all your pre-construction requirements.

SEQ Design and Drafting offer an effective and simple means for integration

Through providing our clients with an integrated model, we offer a simple and effective means for you to benefit from an integrated pre-construction supply chain on your construction projects. Whilst BIM is a highly specialized skill, your designs can interface to BIM without increasing overheads or assuming spatial responsibility, SEQ Design and Drafting can manage this for you.

Benefits of a One-Stop-Provider

  • Single fully detailed model of Structure containing design, structural engineering, civil engineering, steel and concrete elements.
  • Cost savings from reduction in double handling or rework between disciplines
  • Single company responsible for all pre-construction requirements and spatial responsibility
  • Reduced timeframes from a coordinated provider
  • Reduce fabrication lead times by sourcing fabrication from multiple providers

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